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About Us

“As the child’s brain develops it’s the best time to enhance their memory capacity while improving their math skills.”
Gallant Thein, AMALC principal.

Our goal is to improve your child’s focus in all aspects of school including their arithmetic skills. When a child learns mental math with the signature MathAbaci method they are using both sides of their brain, and that means they will increase their memory capacity, brain waves, and synapses.

We are passionate about teaching math. But more importantly with the confidence the children gain in learning mental math they can carry that over into all aspects of their home and school life.

Let’s define some of those aspects where your child can use mental math learning to :

• Improved, fast mental calculation skills
• Expands their brain’s memory capacity
• Greater mental endurance and concentration
• Cooperation between both the left and right side of the brain
• Problem solving capabilities that result in improved confidence

For any parent that would like their child to try learning mental math we provide a Free Trial Class at our Alhambra location. We meet every other Sunday at 2 pm, and we serve the community in both Chinese and English during the trial class. All mental math programs for the children are taught in English only.

We are a community of committed parents, teachers, and students connected to the traditional teaching of mental math using MathAbaci method.

Each AMALC teacher is passionate about helping children learn in a safe, comfortable environment. We celebrate and invest in each child’s education, raise our families to be wise, and most importantly we respect each other.

Our mission is to enhance the child’s brain. Each student’s individual strengths are woven into the fabric of our learning center.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”
- Henry Ford

Like Henry Ford we are here to team up with committed students and parents that want to enhance their child’s brain through learning mental math. In return we are fully invested in the children who want to learn mental math while developing their focus and attention.

“My daughter is doing a lot better with her numbers. She was always having problems with adding and subtracting. I can see her improvement, and she is on the right track thanks to AMALC.”

Parent of Emma Chen, age 5

Put simply, we pair your child with our teachers to enhance each student’s intellect and behavior.

How can I get in touch with your team?

The best way to reach our team is through the Contact form. We’re here to foster community with each parent, and we value your input.

If you want to stay in touch on a regular basis, sign up for our free newsletter. Our community has the best and brightest resources for parents that value their child’s development. You’ll fit right in.

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