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Even if you currently teach Mental Math based on the Abacus Method this tool is an added tool to your Abacus Mental Math teaching and NOT a competing product. If you are not, then this is a great opportunity to expand your services by teaching Mental Math skills using our Signature MathAbaciTM method.

This opportunity is ideal for someone who is looking to increase income with a substantial return on their investment. Basically, you can almost breakeven with just one student and can achieve profit margins as low as 40% and as high as 70% from two to six students. There is a small upfront investment of a few thousands and the fees for on-line teacher training for all levels. There are no geographical boundaries or territories, and there is no long-term contract. Some facts to consider are,

• Completely turn-key operation.
• No long term contract. Pay as you go except the initial License fees of a few thousand dollars.
• Not a Franchise and so there is no Royalty fees, no Marketing fees or any other fees.
• You still teach the students in traditional way but the students can practice all the three components at home or any other place where there is an internet connection and a PC.
• Paperless and so there is no supplies to purchase.
• All attempted questions are self-corrected at the end of each question.
• Online training and so there is no traveling expenses
• The teachers are not required to get periodic re-training

We have received positive firsthand reviews from our present clientele, Learning Centers, parents and students who use our web application product and service, MathAbaciTM.