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Testimonials for Abacus Classes

Our community continues to grow with committed parents and brilliant, engaged students.
“My daughter has been with AMALC for a little more than a year, and I can see that she has improved her math skills.” Parent of Gwendolyn Chu, age 6 Brittany Diep
San Gabriel,
“My kids love to go to AMALC.” Parent of Albert Zhou, age 11 Xin Wen
South Pasadena,
“AMALC has helped our son to build more confidence in his math skills. He has definitely shown improvement in his mental math calculations.” Parent of Ethan Ly, age 9 Tina Ly
Diamond Bar,
“I noticed both of my children’s math skills have improved. They can do bigger division problems and can handle more digits for multiplication. I believe the program has helped them a lot.” Parents of Millenie & Max Chen, ages 13 and 10 Rachel Chhek
“My daughter is doing a lot better with her numbers. She was always having problems with adding and subtracting. I can see her improvement, and she is on the right track thanks to AMALC.” – Parent of Emma Chen, age 5 Ruby Chao
"Johann started the program when he was in kindergarten. This is a program where both parent’s and teacher’s efforts are crucial. Consistency is a must for the student to be successful. This program has added value to my son’s life, and he is now able to channel his energy in a positive manner. The daily homework has laid a good foundation for his study habits, and he is more successful in school and life.” Parent of Johann Lam, age 7 Augustina Waty